This Quality Charter sets out the fundamental principles and key directions of the quality approach.

The Commitments of SOUFFLE Member Schools

Our professional organization was the first, in 1990, to implement a Quality Charter and inspections for French as a Foreign Language (FLE) teaching centers. This Quality Charter sets out the fundamental principles and key directions of the quality approach. It aims to preserve and develop the quality of training programs and services offered by French schools, while ensuring the information provided to the public (adults and juniors) and fostering a culture of quality.

  • This SOUFFLE control system for FLE schools guarantees high-quality language training, qualified and experienced teachers, and high-quality facilities and services (welcome, accommodation, safety, etc.).
  • SOUFFLE member schools also have one or more labels and accreditations, including the ‘Label Qualité FLE’, EAQUALS, Qualiopi, AVDEP, CSN…

Transparent and Complete Information:

  • Information on student reception procedures.
  • Reception under the best possible conditions.
  • Supervision in compliance with regulations (for minors).
  • Assistance in case of difficulty.
  • Administrative support.

Transparent and Complete Information:

  • Registration conditions, cancellation policies, and complete information for both minors and adults.
  • Administrative details for a stay in France.
  • Details on the training: objectives, pedagogy, duration, schedule, levels, group composition, teaching teams, validation of achievements, teaching materials provided or to be purchased, and costs…
  • Information on accommodation and complementary activities.

Quality Teaching:

  • Assignment of the trainee according to their level after evaluation.
  • Compliance with educational commitments.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers in teaching French as a foreign language.
  • Suitable premises and equipment.
  • System for evaluating achievements.
  • Issuance of a certificate at the end of the stay.

Quality Accommodation:

  • Selected and controlled accommodations.
  • Transmission of accommodation details before arrival.
  • Clarification of accommodation terms (prices, services, reservation, cancellation, payment, dispute management…).

Cultural, Recreational, and Sports Activities:

  • Information and proposal of activities, specifying whether they are free or paid.

Compliance with Safety and Hygiene Standards:

  • Compliance with current regulations.

Recourse in case of problem or dispute:

  • Collection of student satisfaction.
  • The professional group can be contacted at any time by a student, a partner, or an external service provider if a dispute arises with a FLE center member of SOUFFLE.

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